Kindergarten Readiness Goals

The skills listed below are an overview and not a complete list.

1.  To have knowledge of God and to develop prayer skills 

2. To have an openness for learning 

3. To be able to give first and last names on request 

4. To be able to recognize his/her name in print 

5. To be able to tell age 

6. To be able to count and recognize numbers to 10 

7. To be able to recognize upper and lower case letters of the alphabet 

8. To know four basic shapes—circle, square, rectangle, triangle 

9. To be able to recognize nine basic colors—red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown 

10. To be able to use scissors correctly and to cut on a line 

11. To be able to repeat a nursery rhyme, finger play and/or song 

12. To listen to a story quietly for 5 to 7 minutes 

13. To be able to share and/or take turns 

14. To take care of personal needs, take off and put on clothing items (coats, jackets, etc). 

15. To classify by color and shape 

16. To be able to communicate verbally 

17. To be able to listen and appreciate music 

18. To be able to jump, hop, run, walk and go backwards and forwards 

19. To participate in group games 

20. To show respect for other people and things 

21. To follow simple directions 

22. To be able to print first name in Manuscript handwriting with first letter uppercase and all others lower case, ex. Michael, Rachel

23. To express ideas and creativity

24. To classify plants, animals, places, weather, etc.