St. Bridget Catholic School

Clubs & Activities


Each year the St. Bridget School yearbook is published through the efforts of 7th and 8th grade students under the direction of teachers Miss Zummo and Mrs. Daubert. Pictures of school groups and activities may be submitted to the school office.

Student Council

The St. Bridget Student Council is composed of 8th grade students elected each year for positions of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and commissioner of religion. In addition, each of the 16 home rooms in grades 1-8 elects a room representative to speak for that room at Student council meetings.

School Newspaper

The Irish Chit-Chat is produced by 6th grade students under the direction of Mrs. Goodwin, 5th grade English and Literature teacher. Students are in charge of interviewing subjects, writing articles, adding pictures, and creating the layout and design of the quarterly newspaper.

Angel Garden

Students in grades 2-8 are invited to join the volunteer Master Gardeners under the direction of Ed Lynch to plant, weed, and harvest our garden. Vegetables are in turn donated to local food pantries including our parish food pantry. Students develop a love of nature while helping others in need.


A cooperative effort for elementary school band with Boylan High School music personnel is being explored. Currently, grades 4-8 have the opportunity to receive lessons with Mr. Jeremy Toledo on Saturdays at Boylan High School.

Builders Club

Builders Club is a national organization affiliated with Kiwanis International and area high school Key Clubs. The St. Bridget Builders Club consists of 7th and 8th grade students who meet regularly and sponsor fundraisers and services projects to help their school parish, neighborhood, city, and the world.

Green Club

Each year the 4th grade classes undertake the recycling of all waste paper generated by the school. In a building housing over 450 people, this is a significant effort. Recyclables are picked up from each classroom weekly.

Scholastic Bowl

The Scholastic Bowl team is composed of 7th and 8th grade students who enjoy competing in academic areas including literature, sports, math, and science. The faculty moderator is Mr. Kevin Long.