Irish Open Golf Outing is held annually in the summer.

Proceeds from the 2023 event were used to pay for new basketball uniforms for our Irish athletes!


What Is Scrip?

Scrip is a fundraiser that benefits you by saving money on your student's/grandchild's tuition (preschool-Boylan), and also benefits our school or parish. Scrip is a term that means substitute money.

How Does the Scrip Program Work?

Retailers and local merchants sell scrip to St. Bridget at a discount. Then St. Bridget sells scrip to you at face value. You pay no more to use scrip than you would cash. Scrip earns the difference between the face value of the scrip and the discounted price (2%-25%). When you purchase scrip, you are purchasing negotiable gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, gas and other essentials. The merchants return a percentage, anywhere from 2% to 25% to our organization. One half of the percentage goes to Home and School and one half goes where you designate.  It can be donated to the Parish, to reduce your child's tuition either here or at Boylan Catholic High School, to reduce someone else’s tuition, or may be banked for future tuition. It is a win-win for everyone because it is dollar for dollar value.

What Can I Do To Participate?

Buy Scrip! You sign up at or click the link below. Once a month, a scrip order will be placed. In addition, there are times available for cash and carry. Consider your monthly spending habits and try to buy at least your groceries and gas. Once you sign up online you select your desired Scrip and print out your order form. Once you print out your order form, you then attach a check (payable to St. Bridget Scrip) to your scrip form and return it to school no later than the designated order date. Your order will be filled and you will then pick up your order on the designated pick up date.

Click here to shop with scrip.

St. Bridget's Enrollment Code is 177D97B59384

More questions? Call coordinator Sarah Butenhoff at 815-608-6139.

Shamrock Shuffle

The Shamrock Shuffle is our annual dinner dance and auction evening. This year's event is Friday March 8 at The Lombardi Club in Rockford. Entertainment by the Band Dirty Pop!

Tickets $40 per person ($50 after February 23) and available soon.

- classroom baskets for the students to win the week leading up to the event.

- live and silent action items.

Please "like" the SBS Shamrock Shuffle Facebook page to see past events and watch for updates.