By putting their faith in action, students apply what they learn in the classroom to real life situations by being an active participant in serving those around them.

Prayer Partners - Our older students pair with younger students to attend weekly all school Mass and work together in faith on community outreach projects. Students have participated with their prayer partners on donation drives, to supply holiday cards and care packages to local nursing home residents, and send well wishes to college students.

Catholic Schools Week Service Project - Our Catholic Schools Week service project was two-fold. Project details are explained below. Items used for the project were collected during Catholic Schools Week.

1. Blessing Bags for the Homeless

We collected donations to make a Blessing Bag for each student to take home. The Blessing Bag can be kept in your car and given to someone that you encounter that needs a helping hand.

Blessing Bags Collection

■ Grades PK-1: pudding/jello cups, breakfast bars, little packs of tissue

■ Grades 2-4: fruit snacks, paper lunch bags, breakfast bars

■ Grades 5-8: $5 McDonald’s gift card, crackers & cheese packs, bottles of water

2. Decorate Lunch Bags for Miss Carly’s Community Center

Any extra supplies not used to make the Blessing Bags were donated to Miss Carly’s for bagged lunches.