Liz Zummo

6th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Miss Zummo teaches 6th grade Ancient Civilization History, 6th grade Religion and 6th grade Literature. Miss Zummo attended Catholic schools from Kinder through college,  earning a bachelor of science degree in Anthropology, English Literature (British/American Lit. concentration), and Drama from Franciscan University of Steubenville Ohio. That’s quite an accomplishment in itself, but she furthered her knowledge with earning a Master of Arts in Teaching!

Miss Zummo has a big heart and earnest desire to see each student reach their potential. She’s passionate about teaching, loves our faith and is a self proclaimed science and history geek enjoying God’s creation and work through nature, especially with the quirky things (Mantis Shrimp/Platypus), and all the interesting historical figures and fascinating stories which have brought us to this point. Miss Zummo also oversees and facilitates the creation of our annual school yearbook.