To prepare our students for success in our digital world, we know the value of integrating digital media throughout the curriculum to engage students and advance their learning. It is our goal to work with parents to promote the responsible use of technology and guide our students to find a balance between their on-screen and real world experiences.

We completed the addition of our Media Center in early 2020. This space houses our library and computer lab. Students at every grade level Kindergarten through 8th utilize the thirty seat  media center at least weekly. During computer time, students can explore online resources that provide opportunities for education and discovery, building upon classroom curriculum. 

Chromebooks are the primary device for student use. Aside from the 30 chromebooks in the lab, the school has 12 additional mobile carts of chromebooks for use in the classrooms of 3rd through 8th grade students. Students in upper elementary and junior high are able to sharpen their technology skills by using the chromebooks for classroom assignments, assessments, group projects and online research. The use of chromebooks lends itself to working in Google Classroom, the platform used by the teachers and students 3rd-8th grades. 

Additional St. Bridget School technology capabilities include interactive whiteboards in each classroom, wireless internet access throughout the building, a 3D printer, and 4 types of codeable robots: Spherobots, Botley, Code and Learn Ladybugs, and Bee Bots, and dozens of Ipads.

Through fundraising and donations we continue to build our supply of devices annually toward our goal of one to one technology for each student in the building.